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Adding elegance to your walls has never been simpler, easier, or faster! Wall sconces can be wonderful when it comes to accentuating the other lighting fixtures within your space, or when illuminating up a narrow space, like a hallway. A sconce for the wall is a wall-mounted fixture that can be used to provide you with general, task, or accent illumination needs. They are typically designed to be complimentary to other luminaire sources, like ceiling fixture lights or chandeliers. But they are very versatile, and can be used in various spaces throughout your home. Many are so versatile, in fact, that they can be used in both an upward or downward position, depending on your preference.


This fixture is ideal for use in so many spaces, including the bathroom and the hallway, where they can provide soft glow to accentuate fixtures that are already in use. The foyer is also a great place to install them as an accent to other ceiling fixtures, like hanging pendant lights or chandeliers. The office or the living room, den, or study can be an ideal place to install one or more of these fixtures to highlight a piece of artwork or prized painting. The bedroom, dining room, kitchen, or breakfast nook can also be favorable spots in the home for installation. One savvy idea for the placement of the one that you choose is on either side of the fireplace, where it can be used to add soft light to the already cozy feel of the fireplace.

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