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Classic Option to Brighten Up Your Space

Choosing the best table lamp for your individual space can be a big challenge since there are options out there in all sizes, colors, and shapes. Lamps for the table can generate differing levels of light, making the options available nearly without end. A smart homeowner knows, nonetheless, that there is a lot more to choosing one than just the aesthetic appeal that it brings. Ultimately, the one that you select should do more than just catch your eye. It should be both practical and decorative. And since many can and do often come with a steep price tag, you want to select the right one the first time, and you want to walk away with one that will live up to your expectations for a number of years. If your choice is the right size, style, height, color, finish, and wattage, you will enjoy it all the more. The tips that follow will help you to select the best option for your needs:

• Think about what activity will be occurring nearby or at the table or desk where it will be positioned. If you will be working at the desk or table, you will want to select one that will give off more light than you would want from one that is designed to emit ambient glow.
• Consider choosing one that makes use of a three way bulb, or that is designed to use 50-100-150 watt bulbs. This will make it more versatile for a number of uses.
• Select one that has a shade that is not higher than eye level when you are sitting down in the area near it. This will eliminate any glare that it causes. If the mouth of the topper is too high, it will emit light in your line of vision.
• Be sure to select one that does not have a shade that covers greater than a third of your night stand, if you plan to use it in the bedroom. When a shade too large, it can become cumbersome to reach things on the nightstand! Or you may end up knocking it off the night stand altogether.
• Choose one that uses halogen bulbs for the ultimate reading in bed experience. This type of bulb emits illumination that is focused to a specific area so that your bed mate won't be disturbed by your late night reading.

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