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Size Really Does Matter!

Chandelier illumination can be a wonderful choice for many spaces throughout the home. This type of fixture is a wonderful addition to your space that can add an elegant, sophisticated feel or a modern, sleek look — depending on the type you install. It is important that you measure to ensure that the one that you choose is a good fit for your space. The big question that many people have when it comes to choosing this option for the home is which size is best for their space — followed by at what height should it be hung? In most cases, the following rules apply:

• Room size ten feet by ten feet and smaller, the fixture should measure no more than twenty inches in diameter.
• Room size twelve feet by twelve feet, the fixture should measure from twenty-six to twenty-seven inches in diameter.
• Room size fourteen feet by fourteen feet, the fixture should measure less than thirty-six inches in diameter.

As you can see, the bigger the room, the bigger the chandelier should be in order to make the visual impact that you're looking for. Inversely, you must not overpower a smaller room by hanging one that is too large, just as a small one can become "lost" (visually) in a large room.

Are you planning to hang the item over a table? If so, select one that is a full twelve inches more narrow than the table is wide. Hang it at least thirty inches from the table top (as measured from fixture's bottom). This will give you the best in illumination while keeping the light safely out of your way.

Are you planning to hang your light over an area that receives foot traffic? If so, you need to remember to allow a minimum of six feet six inches from your fixture's bottom to the floor. This gives plenty of room for taller people to pass beneath it without worrying about hitting it with their heads!

For installations in a tall foyer or entryway, be sure to remember that the higher up you hang them, the smaller they will appear to the eye. For this reason, you may want to purchase a larger one for this application. The opposite holds true for those spaces that have low ceilings. In this instance, you may want to go with one that is smaller than the recommended size to accommodate the lower ceilings, both visually and from a safety standpoint.

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